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Eng. Gabriele Di Stanislao’s company for engineering support and highly specialised services for manufacturing companies.

About us

WPM is an engineering company founded by Eng. Gabriele Di Stanislao that has been active for about thirty years in the design and construction of machinery and equipment for the manufacturing sector. It is specialised in the ferrous and non-ferrous metal wire sector. With over thirty years of experience and a keen sensitivity to the needs of the users, WPM can design and build both single machines and complete systems.

Mechanical Design

Thanks to our technical department’s thirty years of experience we are able to analyze, design and verify components, products and machinery for the mechanical industry.

Supply of Machinery

We are able to directly supply tested machines ready for production, working with various partners and connected workshops,

Calculation and simulation

We have simulation tools by which our engineers are able to accurately predict the real operating and load conditions of a component or of an assembly, reducing the time and costs associated with building and testing prototypes.

Engineering Consulting

We provide the customer with the know-how and skills necessary to tackle complex projects, optimizing the use of resources using Project Management techniques.

Production Process Analysis

We can study methodologies, equipment and machinery aimed at optimizing production processes, reducing costs and production times and minimizing stocks and energy consumption.

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